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★ subliminal noise ★

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This media sharing community is owned by mihakken and xenylamine.

★ All posts are members only, so you will need to join to see the posts.

★ Files will likely be hosted at our shared premium MegaUpload account, and links will not expire. If they do, however, please let us know.

★ Looking for something? You can view our tags list easily here.

★ We accept requests GLADLY, so feel free to request anything! If we have it or can find it, we will upload it for you. Other than requests, we fully intend on uploading anything that we like.

★ We know that everyone ignores this rule, but we have to put it here: Please delete files within forty-eight hours of downloading. Thank you. This circumvents copyright issues!

★ PLEASE support the artists! Let them know that we enjoy listening to their music by buying their CDs and singles and other merchandise! If you don't know where or how to find a certain band's merchandise, ask us! :D

Comment if you download. We like knowing that people are downloading the stuff we post... and liking it! Please be sure to tell us what you download so we know what goes over well... and to insure we post more of it in the future! Also, we both LOVE music, and we would love to talk about the music with you, how you feel about it, if you like it, whatever. So... please comment!

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